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4 Best Places for Fishing in Toronto-Mississauga in Summer 2022

Toronto-Mississauga area is well known for its high-rises, mouth-watering food, events, and

night-life. What people don’t know is that the shores of these popular cities offer a thrilling

experience to fishing lovers.

With a long coastline running along both the cities, there are a lot of exciting fishing

destinations nearby that can hook fishing lovers. The several bays, ponds, and rivers in Toronto

area provide a lot of exciting opportunities to enthusiasts. However, being in the right place and

at the right time is of essence. It is also very important to know what you are looking to catch.

Salmon, Bass, Trout, and Walleye are a few common fishes found along the water bodies in


Salmon, being the most sought-after fish, is also one of the more difficult to catch. For

experienced as well as in-experienced fishers alike, it is important to have an experienced guide

that is familiar with the territory and knows his fish.

The Toronto-Mississauga-Scarborough area offers many great spots to catch Salmon and other

fishes. Here are a few to begin with:

1. Fishing at Port Credit, Mississauga:

The Credit River flows across the city of Mississauga, and into Lake Ontario. It is known

to habitat about 75 different types of fishes, that include Coho Salmon, Rainbow Trout,

Pumpkinseed, Bass and Chinook. However, Credit river is considered to be the best

Salmon fishing areas by many.

With increase in tourist activity near the coast, chances of catching good Salmon are less

near the coast. If you have access to a good fishing charter or a fishing boat of your own,

the interiors of Lake Ontario can provide ample fishing opportunities. If you are looking

for advice from an experienced fishing guide, contact us at Buddy’s Fishing Guides and

Charters, and we will help you!

2. Fishing at The Toronto Islands:

Doesn’t matter if you’ve been in Toronto for a day, a month, a year, or a decade, you

would most certainly have heard of the Toronto Islands (or The Islands as they like to

call it). While the islands, that comprise of 3 lands connected to each other, are a great

tourist attraction due to the beaches and parks they have, the weedy bays and

shorelines offer fishers a great spot to catch fish. The shallow lagoons here offer good

fishing here for small-medium sized pike all year round.

3. Fishing at The Ashbridges Bay:

Located right beside Woodbine beach, this spot offers fishers a great place to catch

Brown Trout, Salmon, lake trout and White Perch. Best known for Pike Fishing,

Ashbridges Bay invites fishers in late September when seasonal fish come within shore’s

reach. For those who have access to boats, this place provides more additional

opportunities to catch some great Salmon and Trout.

If you are looking for advice from an experienced fishing guide, contact us at Buddy’s

Fishing Guides and Charters, and we will help you!

4. Fishing at Riverwood:

Nestled in Mississauga, along the east end of Port Credit, is this place that is not very

popular, but a great fishing destination. Riverwood is 150 acre park that provides a

picturesque view of meadows, old-growth forest, ravines, wetlands, creeks and wildlife.

A fishing experience is incomplete without a good fishing charter. An experienced guide who knows his waters well, and can give you the experience you are looking for, is the way to go.

Contact us now at Buddy's Fishing Guides and Charters to know more about how we can make your fishing experience, a memorable one!

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